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Facilitating Encounters and Exchange between Jews and Their Non-Jewish Allies

Jews followed their Roman occupiers to Europe some two thousand years ago. Today, the Romans are gone; the Jews are not—despite the handiwork of the Nazi regime and others motivated by hate. But, the disaster handed to the Jews of Europe by their gentile neighbors ended seven decades ago.

At present, an increasingly integrated, peaceable and prosperous European Union counts a solidly established Jewish minority as one of many stones in a colorful mosaic of cultural diversity. Germany, in particular, watches as Jewish life within its borders revives, not only in numbers but in vitality.

Still, narratives told by both Jews and non-Jews about the relationship between the two groups over the past century or more often hinder new narratives, new ways of relating between the various voices now heard in the Europe of today—including in Germany, a dynamo at the heart of Europe.

This workshop examines narratives we mostly subconsciously construct and, over time, repeatedly reinforce simply by believing what we keep hearing ourselves or those closest to us say. A chorus led by group think might afford us a feeling of belonging, but it can also limit, even block our potential.

New narratives are needed—but who should weave them and how should we then live them out?

Sagy Cohen and Michael Luick-Thrams facilitate the workshop series Beyond the Holocaust, which examines such questions in a relaxed, non-polemical setting, in groups including Jews and non-Jews.

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