The Global Salone LSZ

Global Salon LSZ:
Native American gives guest lecture at the Global Salon LSZ

On Thursday, 17 March 2022, Kevin Manygoats, a Native American from the Navajo tribe (they call themselves Diné), visited Bad Langensalza. At the Global Salon, held this week at the Burgtheater, he spoke about the history and culture of native Americans. The audience was enthusiastic and had many interested questions. The event was a resounding success and brought some new people to the Global Salon. We would like to welcome Kevin back to Bad Langensalza soon!

Global Salon LSZ:
“Reporting to you ‘Live from New York’!”

On Thursday, 24 February 2022, the Global Salon LSZ met again for our free weekly English conversation course. We were pleased to welcome new participants while Dr. Michael Luick-Thrams (US-American), his FSJ-volunteer Anja (German) and his future Workaway-volunteer Marissa (US-American) reported to us live from the States via Zoom. They introduced the Big Apple and shared with us their personal experiences getting to know this fascinating metropolis!

Global Salon
LSZ cellar tour

On 17 February 2022, during our English Course – or as we like to call it: The “Global Salon LSZ” – our Workaway-volunteer Edison took over the lesson to lead discussions about questions frequently asked by foreigners regarding Germany. One of the topics which offered a lot of room for different theories for instance was our comparatively low birth rate. Afterwards our lovely salon member and city guide Anja took some of us on a tour through the vaulted travertine cellars under Bad Langensalza! It was spooky, spider-y and exciting!

The Global Salon in
Bad Langensalza (“LSZ”)

Since the 4th of November 2021, the Haus der Spuren hosts every Thursday evening an English-conversation “course” that isn’t one: Instead, under the rubric of bringing locals together to refresh and practice their English-language skills, we explore as a group a series of other cultures: for example, Edison from the Philippines and Demetre from Georgia spoke about their native countries; Anja and Michael “reported live” from New York. As this series continues, it will offer travelogues, programs about other lands and cultures, historical reviews and the like.

People from all over the world coming together. Left to right: Leonie (Germany), Edison (Philippines), Michael (USA), Jörg (Germany), Demetre (Georgia), and Marianne (Germany).